mercredi 30 novembre 2011

my Butterflies/Nail Art

hello butterflies !

i'm so busy whit stUdies i dont have time to do much nail art,so sorry for the long time between the post,just for this two week, then i will do so many nail art that i can do for you girls,and more creative things,and some swatch, more COOL things comming soon

so let's start talking about my new nail art,it's a butterflies nail art very eazy and it look WOW in your nail just try it and let me see the result

look to my Butterflies
it's that not cute,i was wearing this nail art for 3days
and i'm still having it in my nails
it's really unique

§i'm sure that you want to know how i made this gradient
between the orange and yellow,i'm gonna tell you how §
How i made the base for the nail :
  1. i use the HR Orange and CR Yellow.
  2. i put two spot:yellow and orange. 
  3. i use a brush of an old base coat then i put it in the two spots at the same time.
  4. finished by paint them :D.

9 commentaires:

  1. wow! you made it perfectly! :) i wish i can do that too. my hands are quite shaky. this design is very detailed.. i'm looking forward to see more of your posts.

    keep up the good work!

  2. thx youu Pamgotcrazy : that's really means alot,i promise you more new things comming soon hope you like them

    for sure thx <3 MeryemH <3

  3. its pretty and eye catching hehehe love it...

  4. hi Have you bassoma tagged you on our nail polish tag and hope That you enjoy it ....

  5. mashalla bassoma ,u r a real artist,your work is so special,god bless u .

  6. my nail polish art;a black one and for the dots i use a toothpick :D

    TRY IT IT's so easy and fun;and thx for the like girl