samedi 10 décembre 2011

Snowflake Nail Art

Good evening !!

Hope you all doing great 

yes i know no snow in Safi ,but now in my nails yes it is,this  cute nail art design it's really in this winter,and specially in this month..
i hope that snowflake comes from a nail art to a true and i will see the snow of this year,not in here
 cuz this i think is not possible 
so stop talking and lets see the result of this nail art 

Before that  the snowfleke to inspired you 

my Nail Art
i research a lot for the perfect color of this nail art
and finally i got it 
HR (133°)
you can made also a white version 
i try it and it look good too

so this is it hope you like this one 
and talk to you next time whit an other nail art for "january"

9 commentaires:

  1. ur nail art is perfect sweetie!

    Zehoua de nail art casablanca

  2. On aime bien !
    Très créatif .

    Afaf & Marwa

  3. J'adore ce NA , et bien evidement , LA COULEUR DE BASE !

    XOXO !
    Ihssane de

  4. J'adooooore la couleur , very cute !

  5. j'addore ce vernis je ne l'aurais pas oser sans les stickers dessus mais là j'avoue que tu t'est tres bien débrouiller et puis ca a donner un bon résultat

  6. magnifique resultat :)))
    très joli travail :)