jeudi 23 février 2012

fashion nails: Argyle nail art

Hello Fashionista !

 you love fashion for sure,and always have the good looking,you must do this nail art,it's the Argyle 

what's the Argyle?
the argyle pattern is made of diamonds,the word is sometimes used to refer to an individual diamonds in the design,most argyle layouts contain layers of overlapping motif,adding a sence of three dimensionality movement,
and there is an overlay of intercrossing diagnol lines,Agyle knitwear became fashionable in England and then the USA.

                                                    how to diy it in your nails?

  1. first paint your nails whit a white base of any color that you choose.
  2. use orange paint to make an X from the corner to corner fill the opposite side whit orange paint leaving the other two triangles white.
  3. make a criss-crossing argyle pattern whit black paint.
the finished results !

an other version to make the Argyle nails :

hope you like them both !

6 commentaires:

  1. OMG, i love this nail art!! <3 um going to try it! :D

  2. ça fait un effet très Old school que j'adore !

  3. Damn, these nails are hot. I love it.
    I love your blog so I'm now following it:)

  4. Les deux Nails sont super beaux!

    comme d'habitude , Bravo !

  5. well done sweetyy !