vendredi 15 juin 2012

Funky Bleu Zipper

Hello Nail Art lovers !

As i promise you a lot of posts of nail art and swatch going to be published
so follow me,and chick my blog to enjoy whit the new things.

i present for you my frunky bleu zipper :

step1: paint all your nails light bleu.
step2:on each nail paint V shape whit the darck bleu  .
step3:fill in whit your darck bleu color.
step4:whit a liner draw a small lines on either side of the V .
step5:draw a triangle at the V's base then rectangle,and bellow it add more lines. 
step6:fnished whit your top coat.

in this nail art i use my favorite bleu : Let's get lost from essence (55)
 and a light bleu : Fall for me from essence too (74) 

5 commentaires:

  1. c'esst troooos beau ! en plus j'adore cette couleur bleuuu juste une question les vernis craqueler a part ceux De OPI tu peut me donner le nom des autres marque et les prix Stp mercii ;D

    1. for me i use CR crackle for 10 dh,it works very good


  2. amazing,, i just addore this nailart