samedi 15 décembre 2012

Bleu and pink holiday water marble nail art design

Hello Nail art Lovers

hope you all doing fine
i'm back..from this weekend to ever inshallah you will see more and more nail art
probably all of you nail art lovers try this technique its what we called it water marble..its a very cool and hard technique to realise, but at the same time its gives you the most cute creation at all

so follow those steps 

  1. fill a bowl with water make sure it s room temperature.
  2. choose a polish and take out the wand hold it over the bowl and drop will fall in it and quickly move a cross the water surface.
  3. do the same with another polish and drop the polish in the center of the other polish.
  4. take a toothpick and create your design.
  5. dip nail into bowl and take out the design should be printed onto nail.
  6. apply the top coat to protect the design.

the product that i use

pink from nancy, bleu from nancy,and a toothpick.

so enjoy with the result 

keep in touch with the blog..the new year nail art is coming


2 commentaires:

  1. very pretty! I too have tried the same color combination but nowhere neat as yours.

    1. thx need just to choose the good nail polish.
      goodluck for an other try