dimanche 24 mars 2013

Real Lace Nail Art step by step

Hello Girls !

Lace manicure designs is a whisper of romance and prettiness and add a touch to any outfits
in this nail art technique uses either real lace or traced on lace.
so follow the steps if you want to realise this design in your nails

  1. start with your base coat.
  2. apply either one or two coats of your prefered base color.
  3. wait until your base color is completely dry before applying your lace.
  4. cut 10 pieces of this lace in shapes that are similar to your nail shape.
  5. apply a top coat and carefully place a piece of lace n your nail.
  6. make sure that the top coat you use is not a quick drying top coat because you want the lace to stick into the top coat.

 hope you like it
good luck 

6 commentaires:

  1. Très beau ! j'adoooore !

  2. Great idea !!

  3. I think it’s just important to set reasonable goals for blogging these days. It’s not like 2012 when I started and that’s okay. Nail art is my love and I feel January has been successful so far!
    What do you people think about Glitter ombre nails