jeudi 28 juillet 2011

zibra,leopard,I LOVE PINK

 an other nail art tutorial ,this is a pinky nail art , i do in it a pink zebra and a purple leopard's so girly and simple to do ..all you need is a one thin brush for the zebra and leopard and the polish the you prefer for doing this type of nail art.
i wanna tell you some things i try alot of nail polish color but the onely color that you can make me feel like a little princess  and  a girly girl it's pink ..all type of pink ..

  • and i use for it i said earlier we just gonne use a thin brush 
  • some pinky polishs : hot pink polish for zebra,light pink for the base of leopard,purple for the print 
  • and of course white polish,and some black for entourage the print 
  • and the last step the base coat and the top coat i use one from joredana

2 commentaires:

  1. tu es vrm douée bravo!
    je ne connais pas bcp de blogs marocains de nail art mais le tiens est le meilleur à mon avis bravo!:)

  2. mercii beaucoup..i really appreciate all your coment and thx you for follow me,i follow you too sure