mercredi 7 mars 2012

Swatch: top fav nail polish !

 Hello nails art lovers

hope you all doing great
this post is about my top favorite nail polish, i'm in love whit them,for many reason first it's goes whit my skin very well,and the colors are fabulous,and the reason that all of you like it.
it's DRY FAST 

So let's know them :

Name: Creamy Fuchsia
Opacity :two coat to get the best color
Lacquered:so glossy,and shiny
Dring :super fast 

Name: Cabaret
Opacity:two coat if you want the same color on the bottle
Lacquered:it's has some little glitter on it,it's so shiny 
Dring: fast

Name: Lavender Fields
Opacity:one coeat is enought
Lacquered: glossy,but it's not shiny,it's gives the matt polish
Dring: fast,and fast 

Brand: Foxy Fox
Number: 73,it's a darck purple 
Opacity: tow coat 
Laquered: it's a matt nail polish,whit a creamy purple
Dring : fast too :)

Opacity: just one coat,perfect 
Laquered: so creamy and lovely,i just i'm in love whit it 
Dring: fast fast 

hope like my fav nail polish,as i do :)

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