dimanche 25 mars 2012

Monday Manucure!

hello nail art lovers !

An other simple nail art for the beginning of the week,
good luck for your works,and for the nail art too

let's start:

  1. start whit a darkest brown try to use colors that have good coverage whit just one coat,
  2. put the reinforcement stickers together (should look like"8").and place them toward the bottom of your nails,the cover 1/3 each time.for 3 colors.
  3. then paint whit your medium color,you will also want this to dry completely before placing stickers again,
  4. remove the stickers when the paint has dried whit your medium shade.
  5. now repeat step 2&3 this time using your lightest shade of color
  6. remove the stickers once that layer has dried,and chek out those nails
  7. to finish apply the top coat.
you can add some dotts and colors for more details
hope you like them

7 commentaires:

  1. Joli Nail ! J'aime bien

  2. j'adore les couleur !! super joli ton nail art !!

  3. wow! so original! really helpful & inspirinig post, thank u :*
    if u can please check out my new blog: http://cold-war-kids.blogspot.com/
    cheers <3 :)

  4. love the final result :-D