dimanche 8 avril 2012

Galaxy nails art !

hello nail art lovers !

Missing you alot,alot....hope you spend a good weekend,the weather is perfect for shoping and going out whit friend...and wear a cool nail art.

the Glaxy nail art,it's a technique of nail art that i saw it a long time ago,
And finally i try it and the result was like this:

 Use a good sponge and try to use colors that give a combination of galaxy:
like:  -white,yellow,pink and bleu
-white ,bleu,purple,and white sparkly polish
-white,orange,yellow,and bleu
i use a  top coat for more shine
hope you like them,tell me in your comments !

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    1. i paint my nails black,then i use sponge and i make some white place,then over the white i use yellow,and pink and to make the combination between this color and the black i use a darck bleu,i sponged on the sides.....hope that be helpful

  2. its really nice,,,, i think i will be trying this.. :)

  3. wow it looks really pretty


  4. LOVE GALAXY NAILS! I made them myself two weeks ago, they look GREAT :) thanks for following me, I'll follow u too :*