samedi 12 mai 2012

Nail Art Haul !


it's a beauriful summery day,it's hot
i feel good ,to make new nails art,so for the next week,i have for you a great things,
so let's start the haul of the weekend!

i got this goodies from Maroc Cosmetique,to test them and give my opinion about them,and by the way this is my first lot,i'm so happy for that,and i said thx you to Maroc Cosmetique.

i like them so much,and i will talk about each product for nails art,in the next posts
so this is a close  view
from left to right:
Nail stickers 3d by Kiss
Impress fake nails by Broadway
Fake nails for toes by Brodway
Fake nails from Kiss

and for the nail polishs,the surprise.............finally i have color club nail polishs
that's a dream come true
from left to right:
Fascinated whit red by Jordana
Hypnotizing by Jordana
Feverish by Color Club
Who are you wearing? by Color Club

so hope you like them as i do,so for more nail art,info,swatch about this product 
waite my new posts 

5 commentaires:

  1. Bessa777a o ra7a nice lot dear, enjoy !
    (by the way "Fascinated whith red by Jordana" is one of my favorite ones ;) so feminine & glamour !)


  2. bessaha :)

  3. bes7tek lov that lot :)

  4. thx you girls,so much i will swatch for you
    all the nail art product