samedi 5 mai 2012

Nail Trend:Border Nail Manicure


if you look always,for new trend in fashion,makeup.....,nail art

Border nail have kind become the new thing for this summer,
all that has to be done to achieve border nails is to draw a thin border of contrasting color around the outside of the nail.

for my first border nail manicure,i used a pink base,and i outlined it in black whit a nail art liner.

one thing that is great about this trend is that it is easy
i'm still not tottally in love whit this trend,but i don't hate it
i need to try it whit more colors.
i add silver to give a diffrent look,you use ringstones or glitters too.

2 commentaires:

  1. je suis vraiment fan de ce que tu fais d'habitude c'est propre et professionel, mais là, je trouve que le contour noir fait vulgaire et ça a l'air sale (peut etre avec d'autres couleurs, ça irait mieux) mais bon chacun ses gouts ^^ !

    Bisous, Ambre.

  2. thx Ambre this is so sweet from you
    and for the border nail art,me too i don't like them so much
    maybe i will try them whit white outlined