jeudi 1 septembre 2011

abstract pink and black nail art

good morning girls 

for this sunny day, i choose to make this nail art the :abstract
the abstract nail art is characterised by the lines and dots,all nail art we make in it the lines and dots,called : ABSTRACT NAIL ART .so this is some pic of my nail art of today gonna give you the general idea about the abstract :

 first etape : 

choose your nail polishs color 
make your liners whit the way that you like 
second etap
make your dots in the right place,
like here i use the pink and the black so 
i make the pink dots in the black 
the end etap :
the end etap for making the abstract nail art more fun 
by make new lines or dots 
here i make black dots to complet the nail art 

all etaps for your abstract 

5 commentaires:

  1. Oooh, j'aime bien! comment tu fait la première étape?

  2. zinouchan :thx you
    Meryem : c'est vraiment sipmle just make a black frensh like you see in the pic..and make over it a half pink one that's need alot of explecation,i promise you,my next nail art will have a great explecation :)

  3. hey Honey :)
    thanks for ur Wonderful comment on My Blog :)
    ur such a Sweetie !!
    do u wanna follow each other ?

  4. Okey Dear :)
    i Followed u too :)
    et vraiiment tbarkelah 3liik your Nail art is amaziing :)
    hana Kansayne L post dialk jdiid inchae lah :)