mardi 27 septembre 2011

animal print series : part 2


girls as i promise you from the last posting i'm gonna put the part2 for the last article to complet all the animal print tuto,so for this one i'm gonna talk about the cheetah nail art (leopard),the zibra,and the tiger..have fun :D 


cheetah print nail art tuto (leopard)
have fun make your leopard
how you gonna make this : 

  1. make your beige french  but paint your thumps finger all whit the beige also 
  2. take doting tool or your toothpick and make some diffrent brown dot,must nnot be the same,and entourage whit the black to make your leopard ,and fill the avoid places whit black and brom dott
  3. for the thumps you gonna need your thin brush or you nail art polish (black) and created your cheetah,its so simple just take your time and to it (eyes+noses+mounth as you see in the pic). 
  4. to make all look perfect,use you fav top coat.

the tiger  print nail art tuto 
just make it and you gonna have it 
how you gonna make the tiger?

  1. use a sponge put it in orange make your degradation
  2. use you thin brush and make this print ( double liners) like tigers ,for more insperation and ideas use some pic of reall tigers
  3. your base coat and you end,its so easy.

the last one 

the zibra print 
add some yellow or what you want to attract the eyes 

how you gonna make your zibra nail art ?

  1. base coat + paint all your nails white,safe the ring finger we gonna make paint it in yellow or any flashy color that you like,then add in it a white stripe.
  2. fill your white nails whit some wavy and strip lines to make your zibra.
  3. separet the zibra from the yellow polish my adding a silver gritter for the design can show more .

hope you like this series article :print animals
enjoy and be free to drop your comments 

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  1. Very fierce !!! ;)

  2. So lovely!!!! thank you for your sweet comment :)

  3. Pour le leopard <3, et le troisiéme modéle je le préfere sans le motif le jaune et le blanc jaw zwinine *.*