samedi 3 septembre 2011

smiley face nail art

hello girls :)

yeah,my smiley face nail art ,in facebook we use alot this smiley face,so it give me the insperation to do it in my nail ,i just o make it for fun,and this is it,some of my nails happy and some of them not lol,
it's really an easy and cute nail art ,just take your yellow nail polish and have fun making this creazy faces in your nails, so let's see the result : 

it's so easy and funny 
i'm not happy whit the result in my thumb finger lol 


my happy toes lol

and like you see in this pic bellow my lovely star "Rihanna",make this nail art by herself :

i love the yellow that she used for 

and this is the yellow nail polish that i use :
its has the best smell ever 
i'm just in love whit this yellow 

what are you thinking ? leave your comment :)

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