samedi 20 août 2011

3 simple nail art for a busy week

hello friends

           for a long time( a week) i wasn't make a new post,in this last week i was so buzy i wasn't have time for make no nail art as well new posting,so i decided to collect all the simple nail art that i was make in this week and show you (i have some problem whit MAKE lol),

for the fist 3 days i was having in my nail the frensh manucure,this last is my fav for all time cuz no matter what did you wear or where did you go it be perfect .

 and for just one day lol i was have, a really cool nail art ,it's so simple to use ,all you need a sponge for makeup for you can stretch ( i dont know if this the right verb lol),, and choose your fav nail polish to just do it  :) and if you know i have obessed whit the bleu color, this is it :
and for today and the rest of this week it means: saturday and sunday if i was also having this work ,and i wanna tell you some thing i have find a really an hote red nail polish it's from NIVEA it's really really great,in this pic it's not really look like the exact color,this my first time buy NIVEA polishs i think it's not the last time :) hope you like this dotting look:)

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