samedi 13 août 2011

favorite nail polishs summer 2011


for this spoting,i do an article about my favorite polishs for summer 2011,i was try alot of polishs in this summer but i choose this 8 swatchs nail polish let's begin the swatch :
first one: from ORIFLAME / Bronze ,it's really a beauriful color for all time but is my best for summer when i do not has time for do nail art i just paint my 4 nails in bronze and the ring finger i pint it whit a flash color .
second fav polish from ORIFLAME / Intense pink's a hot pink it's a matt color ..i love paint all my nail whit it whit no nail art ..and the combination of the polish it's really greatt also all the polishs from ORIFLAME are greatt
and for this one it's also from ORIFLAME / It's a shiny purple whit some sparkle in it's a perfect color for hand and toes :)

and now it's time for my fav color that i was use it for summer for  JORDANA :
                                                                          medium purple
sea bleu
pink shock

and the last one : 
blue violet

hope you like it ;) 

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