samedi 27 août 2011

Moonucure,the new thing...

hello ladies

the new thing always come in the domain of nail art,this new that i'm gonna speak about it is the moon nail art,its an art that we make in it a little frensh  in the form of a halfmoon in white we paint it in the first in nails unlike the frensh manucure....the we pajnt the nails whit a nail polish of your choice ,this pic gonna show you this method :
so like you see this is it (it an old try for 1 mount i guess)

Then i wanna show this tecniq but in other type of nail art,it's to use this in the frensh manucure,and give it name of "MOONUCURE" cuz we dont use in it the ordinary frensh manucure but this frensh like a moon,so this is my try ,i hope you like it ,and try it cuz it's a diffrent thing ,if you love spacial things...

good evening : D

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