jeudi 25 août 2011

make your day colorful:part2,rainbow color

hello ladies 

yeah the part2 of my happy and colorful nail art,i miss the rainbow it's a long time a go i dont see a rainbow,so this is it my rainbow nails art in diffrent techniq: this a simple and eazy just have fun do it whit colorful nail polishes.
althought it's look messy little biit,but i really like it when i see this colofrul look.

my fist one in this pic it's a rainbow zibra ( colorful zibra):
 and for my scond rainbow ideas see this :

and the last but not the least ,the heroes of this nail arts :
hope you like it 

5 commentaires:

  1. love it :)

  2. The second nailart is sooo pretty! I love the colors!!
    And i just figgured out that we r from the same city yaaay!

  3. mercii les filles ..ce jour et ma meilleur whit all this beauriful commnet from you