samedi 30 juillet 2011

water marble nail art :black and white


   water marble,i try this technique before and every time i do it , i having fun ..this is technique for be succed need just a good polishs desolve well in water ...but really my favorite try is that whit black and white polishs ..i do it now two time .my first time doing water marble ..and this time .

i use for it : 

  • black polish from nansy 
  • white polish from nansy too 
i hope you like my water marble : black and white 

enjoy oxoxxo 

jeudi 28 juillet 2011

pink princess nail art

   this is my pink princess insperation ,i love pink things and for me the symbole of princess in pink you can do a nail art for it whit no useing pink ,this is my first nail art in this blog ,i use some things outside the polish..i use this sparkle hearts ..i cut them from an old bracelet hahaah so this is ..enjoy

 i told you before that's i have a fav polish : it's : jordana,pink shock,i use it for cherry nail art and also this nail art 
and for more fun ..i'm not suffice doing this i add some more things like :little pearls and some decoration i dont know what the name of her ..see:

cherry nail art

who dont like cherry ,i think no body ..

my cherry nail art..i talk about myself my fav fruit is cherry....i can resist the taste or the color of this fruit ...
 so i decided to do it ..for this nail art .it's eazy and simple but it look cute and lovely ..

the things you gonna need it for this nail art :
  • MY fav pink polish : JOREDANA ,pink shock,071
  • and my white polish from HR 
  • MY acylic paint in red and and grenn 
this is all you gonna need just have fun and enjoy doing this ^^

this is my lovely polish from jordana, all you need is just make 2 coat to have the beauriful pink .

navy bleu nail art

GOOD morning :)

the summer time,but opps nearing let's start this nail art it's about bleu navy .so i dit this .i see alot in the internet doing like this nail art but really look so difficul.but when i saw a nail art doing by sis Zarina i really like the idea and how it's simple i make some change and this my version .

things i used :
  • dark bleu polish from HR
  • acylic paint in white 
  • red polish from CR

zibra,leopard,I LOVE PINK

 an other nail art tutorial ,this is a pinky nail art , i do in it a pink zebra and a purple leopard's so girly and simple to do ..all you need is a one thin brush for the zebra and leopard and the polish the you prefer for doing this type of nail art.
i wanna tell you some things i try alot of nail polish color but the onely color that you can make me feel like a little princess  and  a girly girl it's pink ..all type of pink ..

  • and i use for it i said earlier we just gonne use a thin brush 
  • some pinky polishs : hot pink polish for zebra,light pink for the base of leopard,purple for the print 
  • and of course white polish,and some black for entourage the print 
  • and the last step the base coat and the top coat i use one from joredana

piano nail art tutorial

  i love listen to piano some times,but really i'm just a big fan of the romantic music that the piano can make, so i did this nail art ,and i like it so much.i was doing this nail for 2 week ..its not old but i love but it in my blog cuz this nail art its one of my lovely nail art for all lovers of piano and nail art ..this it ^^ : 

and i use for it my fav hot pink polish from Oriflame 
and my white polish and black from Nansy brand and
of course my nail brush that helpp so much for do it ....   

and oxxooxx ,i hope you enjoy ,and like it :)

chiks nails art


  this is the colorful chicks nail art tutorial, i really love that's is not the cutest things that's i ever see it hhah so cute,
 i see alot of sisters in the group fab your nails  doing this nail art,and i try to do it,and this is the result hope you like it. 

i use for it : HR NAIL POLISH :grenn 131
                     HR NAIL POLISH : bleu sky 39
                     MODE NAIL POLISH :light purple 19
                     CR NAIL POLISH: nude brown
                     DION NAIL POLISH:pink 01

 ( this nail ..i know you can find it just here in morocco but i love share whit you also my nail polish that i use for more fun ;))

and i use to draw the legs and the beaks my nail art polish whit thin brush .and orange from HR (i'm in love whit HR POLISHS they have a really greatt color)..
also CR POLISH WHITE ..THIS pic show you all the nail polishs that's i use for this nail art tutorial 

lundi 25 juillet 2011

first meet

      so for wlc to my blog i hope you friends all like my blog thiis is my first blog .i try so much time to have one and finally i have it ,i want to share whit you my little nail art ,my lovely hobby ,i'm from morocco and here people not really rellate so much to the nail art, but i do this blog for all girls and ladies love this art ,  and want to know and develop their hobby hope you accepte me and my nail art..

so this is me bassoma ,17 years old ,from safi morocco 

i hope i can have a greatt experience in this blog and meet alot of ladies and share whit him my nail art and the opinion and also the ideas to have more and more Benefit and learn.

 and if you know my hobby and my older nail art that i do follow me in facbook (bassoma abel),the link of my album:  (^^)