dimanche 29 janvier 2012

Monday Manucure!

Hello nail art lovers!

an other week,and other nail art,
the nail art of this week is a special one that inspired by  : Zooey Deschanel's nails at the Golden Globe.
it's really easy  and fun to do !

....And you can wear it whit your every day clothes i think ,cuz it's black and white....
what you'll need:

    _white nail polish 
    _black white polish                                                     

the Story :
this nail art was weared by Zooey Deschanel at the Golden Globe 2012,she managed to rock a tux at the same time whit tuxedo nail art ,while most stars usually opt for neutrals beige or pale pink polish.

how to Diy:
  1. paint all of your nails whit your white base color,let dry for a 5 minutes
  2. paint a french manucure whit black nail polish at the tip
  3. draw buttons using a toothpick,starting from the tip of your nail and working your way up to your cuticle you're going to make 3 little dots.
  4. finally make a bow tie ,the easiest way to do is to make an X and connect the ends to make little triangles.
And you were get this look :

samedi 28 janvier 2012

I saw the rainbow (N.A)!

Hello beauties!

happy holiday for all the students like me,finally we got the holiday,it's the fun time :)

So today the weather is change little bit ,the sun raise,and whit it some thing special
it's the rainbow yes,oww God so beauriful ,i hope i can see it every day that's be Cool....

for this special day i present for you a Nail art inspired by the rainbow ,Enjoy:

mercredi 25 janvier 2012

Girly,pinky nails

Hello nail art lovers !

Hope you all enjoy whit rain as i'm..i'm so happy right now all the exams are end so just nail art and nothing else then nail art,
for today i present for  you GIRLS my happy gily pinky nail art,that you can made in your nails easily or you can take just one exemple (inspiration) from it to  make yours,be free to choose any nail polish color 

(i made this nail art before i cut my nails)

dimanche 22 janvier 2012

Monday Manucure!


first day in this week,new manucure to start it's chic and classy

If you want to get this vintage,classy nail art,keep reading ,to know how to do this beauriful half moon manucure,it's very eazy but unique,

  • What you'll need:
_two diffrent color of nail polish (try to pick a light and darck color)
_standard paper hole reinforcement stickers (or a tip stickers that can give you the moon form)

  • the Story 
this nail art "moon manucure" has a history,it has changed over the years when at the end of 1930s women just left the bottom of the nail bar,it has alos been used in fashion show and seen in magazine hit many mixtures of colors.

Dita also wear moonucure in white and red that looked Amasing
and if it's enough for Dita Von Teese,it's enough and perfect for me :)

  • How to Diy:

  1. first paint your entire nail with the base color that you want your cuticle color to be.
  2. after you are sure that the first layer is dry,apply the reinforcement labels to your nails right at the top of your nails.
  3. paint your entire nails whit the darker colored nail polish.
  4. now carefully remove the labels.

enjoy whit your time doing this !
Hope for you a good week !

lundi 9 janvier 2012

I'm a nail polish Seamstress !

Hello nail art lovers !

it's a cold time here this week,i just need a warm cup of the milk to feel good,and a soft coat,and also a warm nail art lol
how i can do that,i try so much and finally i get the right nail art for the right time 
a warm nail art,i make the combination whit this 3 colors (pink,red,yellow) to give kind a suny and summer look and i sewed this color together by a blak liner.

ALL the nail polish that i use in this nail art are : HR
whitout base top coat

jeudi 5 janvier 2012

My Birthday Nail Art

Hello beauties!

 i'm 18 years old now,i'm old, i'm in a great age in my life in my opinion let's the freedom begin lol
i'm a lady people i have my ID card :)
i feel like the whole world is going around me today,i must enjoy my time cuz this is just one time in my life,and it's never back again. 

new year 2012,new age i'm 18 years old,i'm so happy i hope that be the most happiest  and success age in my life <3
hope you all feeling great too,as i feel now 

and for my suprise for you this is my nail art that i wear right now in my birthday 
hope you like it : 

i dont like the big 8 so i change it to this : 

 talk to you next time :)