mercredi 27 juin 2012

4 summer pedicures,easy & fun designs

Hello girls!

the begining of summer is here,so get out your flats,& sandals,and paint your toes nails,we stop making hand nail art and we start take care of our toes nail,cuz it's summer,and for me at this time i prefer pedicure to a manicure,,
so girls i have for you 4 summer pedicure nail art ideas,very simple and easy to do,so complete watching and reading.

so enjoy

let's get start 

first nail art 
the rainbow dotting
use your dotting tools and take your rainbow colors nail polish,and start dotting :)

the cute nautical 
you try it also whit bleu,it will look perfect and very nautical

straweberry toes
it can be in your hand nails or toes nails too,

and last but not  least
the mermaid nails
i use to decorate my nails a flakes it gives you a nail of mermaid
you can get them in the opposite color of your nail polish 

hope you like them :)

vendredi 22 juin 2012

MoonNight Nail Art

Hello girls !

if you look for something dramatic,diffrent,easy you should try this nail art
its a design present a moon night,you can make it by using diffrent colors,not stick whit this once that i use
you need just to free you imagination,and let your fingers draw it,wathever it be.

so  thisi s my try,and  my fingers draw result :

i use a sponge to create the cloudes,and a liner for the moon & stars
hope you like it
don't forget to drop your comment

mardi 19 juin 2012

Funny Nails :Stained Glass Nail Art

Hello nail art lovers!

for you an other easy nail art,using in it a summery colors,it's the Stained Glass nail art
 it's perfect for summer time
first you need to paint your nails white
them make some triangles and forms look like this :

use a toothpick to draw and fill the forms, 
fill some  forms whit colorful nail polish as you want like this:

 And you will get you nails done whit a funny colorful nail art

vendredi 15 juin 2012

Funky Bleu Zipper

Hello Nail Art lovers !

As i promise you a lot of posts of nail art and swatch going to be published
so follow me,and chick my blog to enjoy whit the new things.

i present for you my frunky bleu zipper :

step1: paint all your nails light bleu.
step2:on each nail paint V shape whit the darck bleu  .
step3:fill in whit your darck bleu color.
step4:whit a liner draw a small lines on either side of the V .
step5:draw a triangle at the V's base then rectangle,and bellow it add more lines. 
step6:fnished whit your top coat.

in this nail art i use my favorite bleu : Let's get lost from essence (55)
 and a light bleu : Fall for me from essence too (74) 

jeudi 14 juin 2012

Fun & Easy Splatter nail art

HELLO lovely girls

did you miss me,for me i miss you alot
i was in the time of the exam so i didn't make new post,but i passed my exam very well,so excited to start whit new fun nail art, and swatch and make more posts,
i haven't paint my nails for 17 days and this is my first time that i did something like that
but now i'm back whit a nail art that can compensate the long seperation between me and the nail polish colors...

so let's bring all the summery nail polish and  have fun !

step1: pick your base color and paint your nails ,for me i choose chiffon from jordana

step2:take your favorite colors for splatter.
step3:take you straw,i use one of a pin and dip it in the polish, the polish should form a film on the tip of the straw,to look like this:
step4:blow through the straw ,you can practiced on a piece of paper,if your not sure about the result
step5:clean up the edges where the polish spattered ,and finished by your top coat.

it's really fun,it look very messy,but the beauty of this nail art is in the  mess.