mercredi 28 décembre 2011

Happy new year 2012

 hello nail art lovers !

yeah just a TWO days and the new year in comming soon !
so i hope all your dreams will realize and be come true and live a happy and safe life 

and for me i hope i can get all the nail polishs that i writed it  in the wish list + the konad and i hope that i will do for you much and much nail art 

So i suggest this nail art to celebrate the new year 2012


let's start :

it's a sexy, pink santa 2012

 Or i suggest this 
Gift nail art (cuz it's the gift time)

 hope you like the ideas
and talk to you soon whit an other nail art

vendredi 23 décembre 2011

Elmo nail art /Funy nails

Hello nail art lovers!

hope you all right 
the new year is comming yeah more happy things comming too
i present for ladies my new nail art 
it's ELMO yeah the funny Elmo 
i dont know i just love this character of cartoones it's so Cute 

let's show you :

Say Hey for my Elmo !

The Nail ART 

i want to do more cartoones nail art 
it's so eazy and funy so just try it and make your nails smile like Elmo !

vendredi 16 décembre 2011

my Winter tree / Nail Art

Hello Girls!

it's a long time,i miss my blog and also you :D
Hope you spend a great weekend,and enjoy your time

so the nail art of today is a Winter Tree,OMG i love winter time specially when it's rain and you put your umbrella on your head,it's so romantic,and you will need an other thing to complete the umbrella and the  winter clothing,it's your winter tree on your own nails,that's be perfect ....

OK girls to see the result 
let's start:

you know some thing i use for a second nail art,my HR Bleu i'm in love whit this color so much
i made two coat,the first from Jordana "bleu sea"
and the second my HR 

And i made my white gredient 
then i paint the tree whit black nail art polish  
this pictures whit no base coat 


samedi 10 décembre 2011

Snowflake Nail Art

Good evening !!

Hope you all doing great 

yes i know no snow in Safi ,but now in my nails yes it is,this  cute nail art design it's really in this winter,and specially in this month..
i hope that snowflake comes from a nail art to a true and i will see the snow of this year,not in here
 cuz this i think is not possible 
so stop talking and lets see the result of this nail art 

Before that  the snowfleke to inspired you 

my Nail Art
i research a lot for the perfect color of this nail art
and finally i got it 
HR (133°)
you can made also a white version 
i try it and it look good too

so this is it hope you like this one 
and talk to you next time whit an other nail art for "january"

mardi 6 décembre 2011

Avon french manucure

Hello Beaurifuls

Hope you spend a good week,for me just homework and school,and a little of nail polish and art 
so because of that,i want to do a swatch for my new french manucure set,it's my first try,
i'm not really a big fan of french manucure,but i need it so much cuz when i dont have time to do some nail art i just made it on my nails and put some stickers,or glitter to add more details...and that's it .
so this is the kit+ more info :
( i use this pic cuz it show up more the kit)

-the Avon French manucure kit comes whit a white for the white tips,and Nude nail polish
+A pack of 30 tiny stickers to help you for the french manucure
-the Positive :
it has a great Nude shade perfect for the french and can goes whit any skin color
the Avon white nail polish so light and help me to have the perfect french like (nancy one)
comes in a Box+good stickers
-the Negative
i think just one ,It did NOT dry quickly

-the Result
 -the Price  :
65 DH from the catalog of Nev,2011 
And it deserve it 

And if you want to see more french manucure + Nail Art tell me by your comments ?!??

samedi 3 décembre 2011

The Nail Polish tag

hello girls

first time in my blog doing a tag,i talk about nail polish tag,that my friend Myline from : to me,hope you enjoy reading,and if you have any tag for any topic you can tagged to mee,this is so fun,i enjoy answer questions :D

Let's start
Here are the Rules
-answer 10 questions
-pass this to 5 other bloggers
-make sure the bloggers that you tagged know that you tagged them ,bysending a commnet in thier blog

Now these are the questions
1-How many nail polish do you have ?
43 nail polish (i just started collect them )

2-what is your favorite brand of nail polish ?

3-do you like crackle nail polish,or do you hate it ?
i dont have crackle polish,so i dont know nothing about it

4-what's your first nail polish brand?
5-if you're going to have a line what are you gonna name it ?
Cutenails (like my blog lol)

6-what nail polish color does not compliment you ?
red,make my skin darck

7-what color does compliment you ?
bleu,i love bleu nail polishs,all the gredient

8-name two best nail art friends?
Zehoua Wouahibi,Meryem Bensouda Alaoui..
i have more,and i love them all

9-what was the best nail polish gift you have received?
for now,i ever have the best nail polish gift

10-make a speech about thanking the blloger who give you this tag ?
i want to tell to Myline,thx cuz she tagged to me,she is really a sweet person,
and i hope you spend a beauriful weekend,whit your child,and i promise you more nail art comming soon

the people that i tegged are:
Zehoua wouahibi
Meryem bensouda alaoui
Afaf et marwa

and the last thing i wanna tell you
enjoy whit your life and keep smiling