samedi 22 mars 2014

California Spring Poppies Flowers Nail Art !

Hello Nail Art Lovers !

I hope you're having a fantastic weekend already.i have a spring nail art  to share with you.spring is already here and im so happy,spring is my favorite season of all,cant wait to try all those flowery nails arts and all those yummy pastel nail polishes.

This flowers are so special to me,i remember seen them in my childhood when i went to country. it's an easy nail art design.

The base polish i used to create this design from Avon called Lemon sugar,it's a gorgeous pastel yellow and for the flowers shapes i used Jordanna called Fascinated with red,and a top coat to sell the nail art.

I hope you like it,enjoy the rest of the photos !


mardi 18 mars 2014

Im back after a year !

Hello Nail art lovers !

Hello to everyone who is been missing me,i miss this blog so much,and i feel it's like in a year i've been missing alot of good things,i still dont know the exact reason that stopes me from blogging,although i did not stop making nail arts,because it's my only way to feel good and forget about my problems.

nail art it's not just a hobby it's a passion. my little world of freedom, with it i can feel special and comfort.
two months ago i created my own page on instagram and started publishing my own free hand nail art,and alot of people love them and support me with likes and comments,and this is remind me of alot my blog ,that's why i decide to back to the blogosphere,and i hope get the same welcome and same cheer as before.

And here we go 3 pictures, include some of my nail arts in this passed year !

 And if you like a nail art and you want to see a step by step nail art tutorial ,you can tell me in a comment ,and it will be in my next post !

Hope you like it