mercredi 30 novembre 2011

my Butterflies/Nail Art

hello butterflies !

i'm so busy whit stUdies i dont have time to do much nail art,so sorry for the long time between the post,just for this two week, then i will do so many nail art that i can do for you girls,and more creative things,and some swatch, more COOL things comming soon

so let's start talking about my new nail art,it's a butterflies nail art very eazy and it look WOW in your nail just try it and let me see the result

look to my Butterflies
it's that not cute,i was wearing this nail art for 3days
and i'm still having it in my nails
it's really unique

§i'm sure that you want to know how i made this gradient
between the orange and yellow,i'm gonna tell you how §
How i made the base for the nail :
  1. i use the HR Orange and CR Yellow.
  2. i put two spot:yellow and orange. 
  3. i use a brush of an old base coat then i put it in the two spots at the same time.
  4. finished by paint them :D.

vendredi 25 novembre 2011

dolka dots/short nails

hello les beautéééé!

i just miss my blog,and i miss you girls
my short nails ,dont help me cuz i just mad simple ideas,the space of the nails it's too much short 
so i decided to make dots
i miss dots too lol,it's long time a go that i had try doting 
so now it's the perfect time for it 
in my way

let's start girls:

what are you think ?
just a hot pink from nancy,black,white and bleu
funny thing to do whit your short nails 

it's like some bleu weird eyes look at you
i LIKE it 
  • I USE :

-nancy : Hot pink 
-nancy:Black and white 
-HR: Sea bleu

hope you like it
some great things comming soon
have a great weekend,enjoy your time 
and dont forget your nail polishs :D

vendredi 18 novembre 2011

We were born to fly/short nails

hello girls!

i have short nails now,OMG i just miss my long nails noting best then long nails
i can do any nail art i want,but now all the choose are limited so i search for the best ideas
that can  look good in my little short nails
Before you can see the nail art ,i want to talk whit you about my miracle nail polish of my week is:

i wear it in this nail art as a base(sky) for the birds
i add a pic for it in the end 

let's start 
YES it's true we were born to fly 
i fly whit my inspiration to get the best 

my birds can fly .....far away
how much days and week and month i need to my long nails back ?

and for a fun touch and let the nail art look not boring 
i  proposed this :

it's not the magic touch 
but,i think it change the nail art liitle bit,

i just love it
as always simple and eazy just try it 

And as i tell you in the begin of my article i wanna show you my "miracle"nail polish of the week :
from : (to help me to get the name for this )
So i'm ready to fly and you ??

samedi 12 novembre 2011

Cute Strawberry nail art


 how are you doing,hope you all fine 

girls, i miss strawberry ,do you ?
i really like stawberry , i think it's my fav fruit for summer,
so just for fun and for this cold days, idecided to do my strawberry nail art 
i feel like i wanna eat my fingers now 
see this and tell me what are you thinking ?

let's start 
i think my nails need some change to look exactly like strawberry 

how can you do it  :
  • start by the base coat,then paint your nails whit a straweberry red .

  • paint green leaves commning from your cutucalse.

  • draw black or yellow smal seeds and finished by your top coat.

as you see,it's simple and eazy to do,
just try it and you gonna have this : 

lundi 7 novembre 2011

vintage roses

hello girls

3id maberoukkkkk,hope you spend a happy great day 
finally i got time to make an other post today ,today it's really a special day for me all the member of the family are happy and excited,to that inspired me to do this happy colorful nail art ...enjoy 

i use:
-Nancy: rose for the roses 
-HR:green for the little leafs
-LEIYO:yellow nail polish as a base
hope you like it 

jeudi 3 novembre 2011

Ghosties nail art (Halloween)

hello girls

Moooooooo !!!
really scary Ghost nails,you agree ?

let's start to know : 
OMG i love my Ghosties,its just a cute Ghosties
I use : 
-ORIFLAME : Burgundy as a base
-Enchante : as a white for the GHosties
-Nancy: black polish 
how i mad it !
-Start by painting my nails whit burgundy.
-whit a dottung tool or your brush draw as many ghosty shapes as you can fit.
-than mad some eyes and mounth. 
- you finished by your fav base coat !

hope you like them :D 
SORRY for the wierd music