vendredi 25 novembre 2011

dolka dots/short nails

hello les beautéééé!

i just miss my blog,and i miss you girls
my short nails ,dont help me cuz i just mad simple ideas,the space of the nails it's too much short 
so i decided to make dots
i miss dots too lol,it's long time a go that i had try doting 
so now it's the perfect time for it 
in my way

let's start girls:

what are you think ?
just a hot pink from nancy,black,white and bleu
funny thing to do whit your short nails 

it's like some bleu weird eyes look at you
i LIKE it 
  • I USE :

-nancy : Hot pink 
-nancy:Black and white 
-HR: Sea bleu

hope you like it
some great things comming soon
have a great weekend,enjoy your time 
and dont forget your nail polishs :D

7 commentaires:

  1. Omg! We love it. It's so perfect!

    Malika & Hanae

  2. mon vernis c'est le 247 dragon de chez chanel. bisous et ton nail art parfait comme d'habitude !

  3. mercii les beautéé,et MERYEM THX FOR THE INFO :D


  4. I love pinks ,girl you have a very big future ,keep it up

  5. Wow... You're really good with nailpolish...
    These are cool...


  6. very nice.. this nail art is simple yet very attractive. :)