mardi 27 septembre 2011

animal print series : part 2


girls as i promise you from the last posting i'm gonna put the part2 for the last article to complet all the animal print tuto,so for this one i'm gonna talk about the cheetah nail art (leopard),the zibra,and the tiger..have fun :D 


cheetah print nail art tuto (leopard)
have fun make your leopard
how you gonna make this : 

  1. make your beige french  but paint your thumps finger all whit the beige also 
  2. take doting tool or your toothpick and make some diffrent brown dot,must nnot be the same,and entourage whit the black to make your leopard ,and fill the avoid places whit black and brom dott
  3. for the thumps you gonna need your thin brush or you nail art polish (black) and created your cheetah,its so simple just take your time and to it (eyes+noses+mounth as you see in the pic). 
  4. to make all look perfect,use you fav top coat.

the tiger  print nail art tuto 
just make it and you gonna have it 
how you gonna make the tiger?

  1. use a sponge put it in orange make your degradation
  2. use you thin brush and make this print ( double liners) like tigers ,for more insperation and ideas use some pic of reall tigers
  3. your base coat and you end,its so easy.

the last one 

the zibra print 
add some yellow or what you want to attract the eyes 

how you gonna make your zibra nail art ?

  1. base coat + paint all your nails white,safe the ring finger we gonna make paint it in yellow or any flashy color that you like,then add in it a white stripe.
  2. fill your white nails whit some wavy and strip lines to make your zibra.
  3. separet the zibra from the yellow polish my adding a silver gritter for the design can show more .

hope you like this series article :print animals
enjoy and be free to drop your comments 

samedi 24 septembre 2011

animal print series : part 1

hello les filles 

i miss so much make new posting ,and i miss you girls,so i'm too much exited as always to make a new article,but this time is a speciale one cuz its be and article whit two part ,its the animal print nail art .
so for you know i'm in love whit animal print specially the leopard it's goes whit every things in my closet like the frensh you gonne see the print animals and the frensh manucure all this in one article whit two part.

let's start 

this is a pic of all print animals that i like so much 
so for each one i'm gonna make a nail art whit diffrent way 
to you can make just one print in your all fingers .

the fisrt one that i made like an nail art tuto 
the giraffe print nail art 
its simple and cute at the same time 
how you gonna make it ?

  1.  i painted the tips of all my nails whit a light brown or beige,safe the ring finger i painted on beige .
  2. using a toothpick and brown  nail polish i created giraffe print on the beige french.
  3. for my ring finger i make print giraffe on all the nail .

the scond one is my looooove 
the cow print nail art tuto 
so so cute 
how you gonna make this ?
  1. i paint the tips of all my nail white but my ring finger i painted whit white.
  2. using a toothpick and black nail polish i created cow print on all white rips,safe the ring finger 
  3. i use a thin brush then i make a simple cow as you see ..whit a pinky mouth and fill in most of its head whit white .
so that's it for the part 1
the zibra ,cheetah (leopard) and the tiger nail art tuto 
comming soon on the part 2

jeudi 15 septembre 2011

3 diffrents water marble nail art

hello les filles 

if you read the title ,you know for this new posting i gonna make,a 3 looks for water marble nail art,for people who dont know what's is water marble, i will give them this all the etaps for you can make your water marble,it's easy just you need to have the right polishs to make it,so let's star :

what you'll Need: 

  • cup 
  • water
  • At least 2 nail polishs
  • tape
  • wood stick 

  • Fill your cup up with water. Do not fill it up completely, you only want the cup almost full or 3/4 cup.
  • Take out your nail polishes. Drop one single dot into the cup of water. You will notice that the nailpolish will start to spread.
  •  Drop a different color nailpolish into the center of the first drop, you will notice that this will also start to spread because of the water.
  • Keep adding different drops of nail polish until it creates a "bullseye" type of pattern into the center of your cup.
  • Take your orange wood stick and gently glide it across the "bullseye" pattern. You will start to see that this is what creates the marble like design. You may draw as many lines through your pattern as you like until you reach your desireddesign.
  • Dip your nail into the nail polish design in the cup.
  •  While holding your finger into the cup, take an orange wood stick and move it in a circular pattern to remove the excess polish from the cup.
  • . Now you may remove your nail. Cleanup the excess nail polish on the sides of your nail with nail polish remover. You may add a top coat if you wish.
  • Repeat steps 2-8 to complete the rest of your 9 fingernails.

so this is my water marble nail art in diffrent looks:

first                : for love : water marble 

it's like a water marble for love lol 
this is the way of water marble to get this look

the second            : the girly girl water marble 

so pinky and girly and happy water marble :)

the last but not the least                   : rock your water marble 

it's like a boy look lol,but i'm in love whit it so easy to make 

And this is some tips gonna help you more for a great results :  
  • surrond your nails whit tape so that no nail polish goes onto the skin.waite until the nail polish is dry before romoving the tape. 
  • Vasline is heplful when it comes to removing the nail polish on skin too-layer the vasline on around your nails and up your fingers a bit .( but i think the tape is more effective,but the vasline can be helful in conbination whit the tape too). 
  • Make sure the water in room temperature.cuz too cold will result in a skin of nail polish forming faster and your water marble will not work very will.
  •  Make sure will you not use QUICK DRY nail polish . 
so this is it ,hope you learn something from this advices and good luck for your try :) 

samedi 10 septembre 2011

nail art for school day

hello girls 

i have school next week,so i decided to make my nail art for school time ,i'm so excited to  back to school and also to wear this nail art in my fisrt day ,yeah .

so it's a cool,crazy,weird nail art ,but it's cute at the same time ,usally i wear frensh manucure or i paint all my nails whit a light color ,but this year i will change the look ,by wearing nail art ,for i can make more and more posting,cuz whit the work at school,i will have no time ,so i will post almost 1 or 2 time in the week :)

so let's start for my crazy nail art (i just like always having fun by do this ):
this one inspired by the pages of our books 
i  made this liners whit my thin brush in bleu 

then i add this A+(it's like 20/20) to make the nail art more related in school 
i made it also by a thin brush of my nail art polish

at the end i diceded to erase my pages lol to make this 
and i made some blackboard lol whit some numbers 

so this is it 
a tour of my fanny ,cool nail art for school 

what are you thinking ??
and for all students hope you have a great year
 ♥good luck 

lundi 5 septembre 2011

how i make my gradient nails art tuto ?


for today,i'm gonna make as you say in the title of this posting,how i make my gradient nails art 
fisrt thing i'm gonna tell you before the start,is that me i dont use alot of materials,i love to use the least amount of materials,simplicity is cool :D

DEF: the gradient nail art tuto : is when you go from the light color to darck or the opposite 

for the tuto : you gonna need this : 
HR matt bleu
Jordana sea bleu
polish whit shimmer and sparkles (bleu)

and i dont use a sponge,i just use my fingers,yeah to extended the polish in my nails 

the etaps 

1-paint all your nail whit your fav base coat
2-put some of the HR bleu ,and exented in your nails to make the first gradient :

3-for add the more light to the first gradient ,and more layers,i use Jordana sea bleu :
4- then i make a little bleu frensh whit the HR 
5- then, end your nail tuto by paint your nails whit the a bleu sparkles nail polish to extended the frensh and all the leyers whit each other.

so this it 

samedi 3 septembre 2011

smiley face nail art

hello girls :)

yeah,my smiley face nail art ,in facebook we use alot this smiley face,so it give me the insperation to do it in my nail ,i just o make it for fun,and this is it,some of my nails happy and some of them not lol,
it's really an easy and cute nail art ,just take your yellow nail polish and have fun making this creazy faces in your nails, so let's see the result : 

it's so easy and funny 
i'm not happy whit the result in my thumb finger lol 


my happy toes lol

and like you see in this pic bellow my lovely star "Rihanna",make this nail art by herself :

i love the yellow that she used for 

and this is the yellow nail polish that i use :
its has the best smell ever 
i'm just in love whit this yellow 

what are you thinking ? leave your comment :)

jeudi 1 septembre 2011

abstract pink and black nail art

good morning girls 

for this sunny day, i choose to make this nail art the :abstract
the abstract nail art is characterised by the lines and dots,all nail art we make in it the lines and dots,called : ABSTRACT NAIL ART .so this is some pic of my nail art of today gonna give you the general idea about the abstract :

 first etape : 

choose your nail polishs color 
make your liners whit the way that you like 
second etap
make your dots in the right place,
like here i use the pink and the black so 
i make the pink dots in the black 
the end etap :
the end etap for making the abstract nail art more fun 
by make new lines or dots 
here i make black dots to complet the nail art 

all etaps for your abstract