jeudi 15 septembre 2011

3 diffrents water marble nail art

hello les filles 

if you read the title ,you know for this new posting i gonna make,a 3 looks for water marble nail art,for people who dont know what's is water marble, i will give them this all the etaps for you can make your water marble,it's easy just you need to have the right polishs to make it,so let's star :

what you'll Need: 

  • cup 
  • water
  • At least 2 nail polishs
  • tape
  • wood stick 

  • Fill your cup up with water. Do not fill it up completely, you only want the cup almost full or 3/4 cup.
  • Take out your nail polishes. Drop one single dot into the cup of water. You will notice that the nailpolish will start to spread.
  •  Drop a different color nailpolish into the center of the first drop, you will notice that this will also start to spread because of the water.
  • Keep adding different drops of nail polish until it creates a "bullseye" type of pattern into the center of your cup.
  • Take your orange wood stick and gently glide it across the "bullseye" pattern. You will start to see that this is what creates the marble like design. You may draw as many lines through your pattern as you like until you reach your desireddesign.
  • Dip your nail into the nail polish design in the cup.
  •  While holding your finger into the cup, take an orange wood stick and move it in a circular pattern to remove the excess polish from the cup.
  • . Now you may remove your nail. Cleanup the excess nail polish on the sides of your nail with nail polish remover. You may add a top coat if you wish.
  • Repeat steps 2-8 to complete the rest of your 9 fingernails.

so this is my water marble nail art in diffrent looks:

first                : for love : water marble 

it's like a water marble for love lol 
this is the way of water marble to get this look

the second            : the girly girl water marble 

so pinky and girly and happy water marble :)

the last but not the least                   : rock your water marble 

it's like a boy look lol,but i'm in love whit it so easy to make 

And this is some tips gonna help you more for a great results :  
  • surrond your nails whit tape so that no nail polish goes onto the skin.waite until the nail polish is dry before romoving the tape. 
  • Vasline is heplful when it comes to removing the nail polish on skin too-layer the vasline on around your nails and up your fingers a bit .( but i think the tape is more effective,but the vasline can be helful in conbination whit the tape too). 
  • Make sure the water in room temperature.cuz too cold will result in a skin of nail polish forming faster and your water marble will not work very will.
  •  Make sure will you not use QUICK DRY nail polish . 
so this is it ,hope you learn something from this advices and good luck for your try :) 

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  1. I saw couple guru's doing this tip on youtube, but i've never tired it befor!
    Seems pretty easy, and so cute!

    I've got a new post on my blog

  2. thx you girl :D
    MERY : yeah it just need to use the perfect nail polish

  3. Oooh the first one is soooo beautiful!!