samedi 24 septembre 2011

animal print series : part 1

hello les filles 

i miss so much make new posting ,and i miss you girls,so i'm too much exited as always to make a new article,but this time is a speciale one cuz its be and article whit two part ,its the animal print nail art .
so for you know i'm in love whit animal print specially the leopard it's goes whit every things in my closet like the frensh you gonne see the print animals and the frensh manucure all this in one article whit two part.

let's start 

this is a pic of all print animals that i like so much 
so for each one i'm gonna make a nail art whit diffrent way 
to you can make just one print in your all fingers .

the fisrt one that i made like an nail art tuto 
the giraffe print nail art 
its simple and cute at the same time 
how you gonna make it ?

  1.  i painted the tips of all my nails whit a light brown or beige,safe the ring finger i painted on beige .
  2. using a toothpick and brown  nail polish i created giraffe print on the beige french.
  3. for my ring finger i make print giraffe on all the nail .

the scond one is my looooove 
the cow print nail art tuto 
so so cute 
how you gonna make this ?
  1. i paint the tips of all my nail white but my ring finger i painted whit white.
  2. using a toothpick and black nail polish i created cow print on all white rips,safe the ring finger 
  3. i use a thin brush then i make a simple cow as you see ..whit a pinky mouth and fill in most of its head whit white .
so that's it for the part 1
the zibra ,cheetah (leopard) and the tiger nail art tuto 
comming soon on the part 2

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  1. waaaaaaaaaaaaw j'adooore, ces nail art sont CANONIQUES <3
    come and see my blog there is so much new stuff ^^

  2. thxxxx you zinoucha ..o right i will

  3. Cool blog. Thanks for comment and visit.

    From Marrakech with love


  4. Hi girl !

    Thank you for your comment !

    fun nails!


  5. So cute and amzing nails print ! like it !

  6. SO beautiful!!

    Thanks for the tutorials also! You put a lot of work into your blog!