lundi 29 août 2011

my new oriflame swatch

bonjour les filles 

for today i have a swatch for my new polishs from ORIFLAME ,one of my best brand of nail polishs 
i buy two new nail polishs..i guess i wanna use it for school too much this for my toes and the light one for my handnails ..
let's start:
      this is its: Burgandy by gonna use it as a nail polish for my toes,cuz i dont like it to much in my hand nails and also in school,we have not the permission of paint our nails whit darck color .

Oriflame : Burgandy
Opacity: need two coat
 and i'm so excited to try it in my toes 

and this a light silver,i think it's perfect for school,i can paint in it some simple art in black or white and it be perfect..but the think that i dont like about it ,it's this one need alot of coat to this silver can show up more .

Oriflame: Light silver
Opacity : need two coat and more 
Drying:so fasst 
Lacquered: i'm just in love 
so this IS  perfect for schooltime :D

i hope you like my petit swatch 

samedi 27 août 2011

Moonucure,the new thing...

hello ladies

the new thing always come in the domain of nail art,this new that i'm gonna speak about it is the moon nail art,its an art that we make in it a little frensh  in the form of a halfmoon in white we paint it in the first in nails unlike the frensh manucure....the we pajnt the nails whit a nail polish of your choice ,this pic gonna show you this method :
so like you see this is it (it an old try for 1 mount i guess)

Then i wanna show this tecniq but in other type of nail art,it's to use this in the frensh manucure,and give it name of "MOONUCURE" cuz we dont use in it the ordinary frensh manucure but this frensh like a moon,so this is my try ,i hope you like it ,and try it cuz it's a diffrent thing ,if you love spacial things...

good evening : D

jeudi 25 août 2011

make your day colorful:part2,rainbow color

hello ladies 

yeah the part2 of my happy and colorful nail art,i miss the rainbow it's a long time a go i dont see a rainbow,so this is it my rainbow nails art in diffrent techniq: this a simple and eazy just have fun do it whit colorful nail polishes.
althought it's look messy little biit,but i really like it when i see this colofrul look.

my fist one in this pic it's a rainbow zibra ( colorful zibra):
 and for my scond rainbow ideas see this :

and the last but not the least ,the heroes of this nail arts :
hope you like it 

mardi 23 août 2011

make your day colorful,start whit your nails...

hello friends 

well,i feel really good today,i spend this day laugh and having fun whit my i feel hopeful
this energy puch me to make this colorful nail art ..whit this simple techniq ,this is my fisrt time try some things like this ..and i'm also having a greatt fun making this nail art ...

the colors make you feel happy,and so peaceful just make it and let your day of tomorrow be more colorful and happy you need just feel it and you gonna make it .

this is it my creation for today (happy day):

i hope you be happy for all time 

dimanche 21 août 2011

rock star nail art

good morning 

     Hee baby i'm a rock star, yeah as rihanna say,my favorite rock song is "i'm a rock star"..i'm not lol but i love LOVE the ROCK&ROLL,so i decided yesterday night to make this nail art, and posting it today.
the first things that's was in my mind is to paint all my nails kinda fushia or purple for having the look of the rock ...i was having no ideas what i'm gonna do for the art in it ,so see this pic it has my art ..
fisrt try:

i dont like the black heart so i change it to this :

and i want to give more and more details to make that :

i hope you lik it 
enjoy your day :)  

samedi 20 août 2011

3 simple nail art for a busy week

hello friends

           for a long time( a week) i wasn't make a new post,in this last week i was so buzy i wasn't have time for make no nail art as well new posting,so i decided to collect all the simple nail art that i was make in this week and show you (i have some problem whit MAKE lol),

for the fist 3 days i was having in my nail the frensh manucure,this last is my fav for all time cuz no matter what did you wear or where did you go it be perfect .

 and for just one day lol i was have, a really cool nail art ,it's so simple to use ,all you need a sponge for makeup for you can stretch ( i dont know if this the right verb lol),, and choose your fav nail polish to just do it  :) and if you know i have obessed whit the bleu color, this is it :
and for today and the rest of this week it means: saturday and sunday if i was also having this work ,and i wanna tell you some thing i have find a really an hote red nail polish it's from NIVEA it's really really great,in this pic it's not really look like the exact color,this my first time buy NIVEA polishs i think it's not the last time :) hope you like this dotting look:)

samedi 13 août 2011

favorite nail polishs summer 2011


for this spoting,i do an article about my favorite polishs for summer 2011,i was try alot of polishs in this summer but i choose this 8 swatchs nail polish let's begin the swatch :
first one: from ORIFLAME / Bronze ,it's really a beauriful color for all time but is my best for summer when i do not has time for do nail art i just paint my 4 nails in bronze and the ring finger i pint it whit a flash color .
second fav polish from ORIFLAME / Intense pink's a hot pink it's a matt color ..i love paint all my nail whit it whit no nail art ..and the combination of the polish it's really greatt also all the polishs from ORIFLAME are greatt
and for this one it's also from ORIFLAME / It's a shiny purple whit some sparkle in it's a perfect color for hand and toes :)

and now it's time for my fav color that i was use it for summer for  JORDANA :
                                                                          medium purple
sea bleu
pink shock

and the last one : 
blue violet

hope you like it ;) 

vendredi 12 août 2011

hello friends 

For a long time finally new posting this night....i was so tired and buzy i dont have time for do some new nail art for this one i choose this idea it's a cool one ..i love it so much .and i also use my fav nail polish for all time this beauriful orange ,that i use it for the PAW PRINT nail art ..this is some pic of this nail art tuto :
aww sorry i forget to make describe for this nail art ..i dont know what i can tell 
what are you thinking ? i just love them 

dimanche 7 août 2011

broken heart girl nail art

my heart bleeding love 

ladies ,i'm a broking heart girl,hahaha just kidding ,i just havethe ideas to do this nail art ,and i have my inspiration from some video in youtube,,so i try to assemble the broking heart ,and the blood ,that 's express the heart bleeding love ..

if you know ,i'm a muslim so this time is the time of ramadan ,all muslim in the world come closer to god by praying and fasting in this holy month, and also as you know we can put nail apolishs or makeup in our faces cuz that's make our fast break..(just for know)
so for this nail art ..i have do it for a week before ramadan .

hope you like it oxoxxo 
take care ,)

jeudi 4 août 2011

paws print

   this my paw the sis in fab you nails tell me ..i see this nail art alot and i have the ideas to this .

and i forget its name haha .
so this a simple nail art we can do it in diffirent technique .like but just one big dott and do four little dott aroud the bigg one .or like i did it just make three dott and bring them and aroud it by four little dott ;)

i hope you like my nail art..and my old ones 
 enjoy oxoxox