dimanche 7 août 2011

broken heart girl nail art

my heart bleeding love 

ladies ,i'm a broking heart girl,hahaha just kidding ,i just havethe ideas to do this nail art ,and i have my inspiration from some video in youtube,,so i try to assemble the broking heart ,and the blood ,that 's express the heart bleeding love ..

if you know ,i'm a muslim so this time is the time of ramadan ,all muslim in the world come closer to god by praying and fasting in this holy month, and also as you know we can put nail apolishs or makeup in our faces cuz that's make our fast break..(just for know)
so for this nail art ..i have do it for a week before ramadan .

hope you like it oxoxxo 
take care ,)

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  1. Ramadan kareem sweet heart ,plz read my post about the award ,I mentioned you and awarded your blog ,you have to follow the rules !!!check the post again !!