lundi 29 août 2011

my new oriflame swatch

bonjour les filles 

for today i have a swatch for my new polishs from ORIFLAME ,one of my best brand of nail polishs 
i buy two new nail polishs..i guess i wanna use it for school too much this for my toes and the light one for my handnails ..
let's start:
      this is its: Burgandy by gonna use it as a nail polish for my toes,cuz i dont like it to much in my hand nails and also in school,we have not the permission of paint our nails whit darck color .

Oriflame : Burgandy
Opacity: need two coat
 and i'm so excited to try it in my toes 

and this a light silver,i think it's perfect for school,i can paint in it some simple art in black or white and it be perfect..but the think that i dont like about it ,it's this one need alot of coat to this silver can show up more .

Oriflame: Light silver
Opacity : need two coat and more 
Drying:so fasst 
Lacquered: i'm just in love 
so this IS  perfect for schooltime :D

i hope you like my petit swatch 

4 commentaires:

  1. nice colors, but i prefer the light silver :)

  2. .yep the light silver it's perfect for school ♥♥

  3. This is such a pretty burgundy tone!

  4. yeah,but it's not perfect at all for school,i love it in my toes much more