vendredi 28 septembre 2012

Nail Art Fleuri using Fimo Slice

Hello beauriful girls

i miss doing posts so much ..the school is in and i spent a 2 buzy weeks..i was suffering from problems 
i move to a diffrent way of high studying
i still don't understand whats going on but i hope that things will be change and be better as far as they can.

and for the only cute thing that is happening in this week i take a small time to creat this nail art using a very cute fimo slices..i love them

so lets see the result

 you love it !


jeudi 13 septembre 2012

the notebook nail art for back to school

Hello beauriful girls

the school is in the door hhh,and we have just some few days to spent before the vacation is end,so i have to take that left time to make some shopping for school supplies and also for some nail polishs...and beauty things.

and i have for you a nail art that i will wear it for the next monday the fisrt day at school,its very simple and easy as always and you will be free to white or draw
any things you want 

so get ready..

first you must creat the notebook like this

 then you will youfill in the white paper of your notebook

HOPE YOU LIKE IT,so leave your comments

jeudi 6 septembre 2012

Nail Art inspired by celebrities:Katy Perry

Hello girls 

Im back...
and  its the time to create an nail art inspired by the cutest and the coolest katy perry...she is  one of the beauriful pop singer..
"there's stranger  in the bed 
there's pounding my head
glitter all over the room
pink flamingos in the pool...........last friday night"
this is my favorite song from the teenage dream album .

and this is the nail art inspired by this picture :

and here is my try :

so hope you like it,and if you do
you can also chek a nail art inspired by jessie j  here