dimanche 23 décembre 2012

Sweater/Winter nail art design

Hello nail art lovers

its the beging of the week wish for you a happy week full of fun times
this week is very special it is the one of the preparation for the new year,that is why 
you need to have in your nails a special nail art goes with the atmosphere of the new year and the gift time.

so enjoy whit my sweater/winter nail art for this week


mercredi 19 décembre 2012

From a nail polish to a Holiday Design

Hello nail art lovers

every day wearing a nail polish color and let it for 3 or 4 days make me feel really bored..by seeing the same color in my nails.
but now i get my resolution i was wearing a 5 different color for fun ..i did not have time to make a nail art in them but i was having this

those little thing are really a miracle,this brand make my year from caviar to this little things.
using a toothpick i stick those on my nails,respecting no ordre.

choosing the correct color that goes with the color of the decoration.

first step paint your nails  those are my boring colors

and those the new fun onces

they are perfect for a new year nail art ;) 

samedi 15 décembre 2012

Bleu and pink holiday water marble nail art design

Hello Nail art Lovers

hope you all doing fine
i'm back..from this weekend to ever inshallah you will see more and more nail art
probably all of you nail art lovers try this technique its what we called it water marble..its a very cool and hard technique to realise, but at the same time its gives you the most cute creation at all

so follow those steps 

  1. fill a bowl with water make sure it s room temperature.
  2. choose a polish and take out the wand hold it over the bowl and drop will fall in it and quickly move a cross the water surface.
  3. do the same with another polish and drop the polish in the center of the other polish.
  4. take a toothpick and create your design.
  5. dip nail into bowl and take out the design should be printed onto nail.
  6. apply the top coat to protect the design.

the product that i use

pink from nancy, bleu from nancy,and a toothpick.

so enjoy with the result 

keep in touch with the blog..the new year nail art is coming


samedi 17 novembre 2012

Fishtail Braid Nail Art Design

Hello girls

i was suffering in this week,having a lot of exams and my mama was sick ..
i was wearing a nude nail polish for 5 days...its like a challenge for me..so nothing is good then completing this week whit a cute nail art,makes me smile and be proud when i saw my nails..

  1. paint your nails whit a nude colors or any nail polish color that you like
  2. create dots in zig zag patterns down the center of your nails
  3. make black lines on the left side of your nails then connect 2 of the dots
  4. do the same work for the other side
  5. add silver nail polish and a small design
nail polishes
  1. essence moving on
  2. oriflame silver
  3. black liner

it seems difficult but it's easy if you just take enough time..

mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Retro Squares Nail Art Design

Hello nail art lovers

hope you all doing great

...we are in the fall,and it rains almost everyday,the weather is so cool,so try to paint your nails bleu ^_^ ...
...so for today i have a special nail art called Retro Squares,if you want to try it follow the steps and wish you good luck

  1. use a base coat for the blau can not stain your nails.
  2. start whit either black or white paint,making partial squares and some full squares.
  3. you can use a small brush or a toothpick or a liner as i did this nail art.
  4. you can make the squares rounder at corners to create a slightly diffrent retro look.
  5. then add a top coat to pretect your nail art.

and this is how it will look 


samedi 3 novembre 2012

Caviar Manicure

Hello girls

i m back whit a trend,after the cracle nails and the magnetic polish and ombre nail art,finally i have the chance to try this trend called caviar  manicure using some micro colorful pearls .

if you want to do this manucure follow the steps
  1. work on one nail at time and apply two coat of your favorite base color that goes whit the caviar pearls.
  2. mix two,tree or what ever you want of caviar pearls shade then sprinkale it over your painted nail.
  3. once fully covered gently press and compact the caviar pearld into your nail bed.
  4. once finished leave your nails to completly dry and you have perfectly caviar manicured nails.
this is the result 


dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Zombie Zibra nail art

Hello girls

a scary things was happening in my nails...

my long nails become short because one of them is broken and im not a big fan of them now :(
 i will use alot of olive oil to nourish them to grow faster..in order to have a big space to create any things i want.
so for this little place 
 neon green from foxy fox and some black zebraa to give you this 

Zambie Zibra nails 

for the neon base i use first a white nail polish then i paint my nails whit the green foxy fox 27

hope you like it 

vendredi 12 octobre 2012

Rainbow Flowers Nail Art using fimo slices


Hope you all doing great finally i get some time to do some nail art and try new nail polishs 
i use in this nail art my cute fimo can they are easy to work with and they give you the best result if you just know how to use them correctly to make you nail art ...

so let's enjoy with it

hope you like it 

vendredi 5 octobre 2012

cute monsters nail art

Hello girls 

hope you all doing fine
so back again and again whit an other nail art
let see it

im in the mood of a colorful nail polish so i did this nail art whit those cute monsters make my nails look scary but cute at the same time..
 i was inspired whit some vedio from youtube...one of my favorite nail art guru made once like this for the halloween..so i try it and im happy whit the result

so make your try
and enjoy 

vendredi 28 septembre 2012

Nail Art Fleuri using Fimo Slice

Hello beauriful girls

i miss doing posts so much ..the school is in and i spent a 2 buzy weeks..i was suffering from problems 
i move to a diffrent way of high studying
i still don't understand whats going on but i hope that things will be change and be better as far as they can.

and for the only cute thing that is happening in this week i take a small time to creat this nail art using a very cute fimo slices..i love them

so lets see the result

 you love it !


jeudi 13 septembre 2012

the notebook nail art for back to school

Hello beauriful girls

the school is in the door hhh,and we have just some few days to spent before the vacation is end,so i have to take that left time to make some shopping for school supplies and also for some nail polishs...and beauty things.

and i have for you a nail art that i will wear it for the next monday the fisrt day at school,its very simple and easy as always and you will be free to white or draw
any things you want 

so get ready..

first you must creat the notebook like this

 then you will youfill in the white paper of your notebook

HOPE YOU LIKE IT,so leave your comments

jeudi 6 septembre 2012

Nail Art inspired by celebrities:Katy Perry

Hello girls 

Im back...
and  its the time to create an nail art inspired by the cutest and the coolest katy perry...she is  one of the beauriful pop singer..
"there's stranger  in the bed 
there's pounding my head
glitter all over the room
pink flamingos in the pool...........last friday night"
this is my favorite song from the teenage dream album .

and this is the nail art inspired by this picture :

and here is my try :

so hope you like it,and if you do
you can also chek a nail art inspired by jessie j  here 

mardi 28 août 2012

Argyle Plaid Nail Art design bleu diy freehand

Hello nail art lovers

the summer is in the end,and the school is coming,i'm ready to school and to the hard work,and also to some cute nail art for it,so as a suggestion for today a very cool nail art,whish i love it's kind of plaid argyle nail art,super easy to do need just two color,one is more darcker from the other,and a black or silver liner.

those the steps :
and this is the result :

what i use :
essence :fall for me 74
essence :let's get lost
oriflame:black linning

mardi 21 août 2012

Nail Art inspired by celebrities : jessie j

Hello girls!

i miss you,i miss doing nail art...
but im back whit an other series of nail art,it's a nail art inspiration from celebrity whish i love,
if i tell you "price tag","domino","nobody is perfect" you will tell me the one and only jessie j,she is one of my favorite singer whit her cool style of fashion,makeup and also nail art,so get ready for a cool nail art inspired by her ,from a picture that she put it in twitter ..so enjoy

this is where i get my inspiration from :

and this is the result :

the one things that if they tell me to change something about this nail art,it will be the base color,because i use a nude one from jordana,and i don't like how it goes,so i will change it to an orange shade.

hope you like it,
and tell me what's your favorite celebrity that you want to see an nail art inspired  from ???