samedi 17 novembre 2012

Fishtail Braid Nail Art Design

Hello girls

i was suffering in this week,having a lot of exams and my mama was sick ..
i was wearing a nude nail polish for 5 days...its like a challenge for nothing is good then completing this week whit a cute nail art,makes me smile and be proud when i saw my nails..

  1. paint your nails whit a nude colors or any nail polish color that you like
  2. create dots in zig zag patterns down the center of your nails
  3. make black lines on the left side of your nails then connect 2 of the dots
  4. do the same work for the other side
  5. add silver nail polish and a small design
nail polishes
  1. essence moving on
  2. oriflame silver
  3. black liner

it seems difficult but it's easy if you just take enough time..

mercredi 7 novembre 2012

Retro Squares Nail Art Design

Hello nail art lovers

hope you all doing great

...we are in the fall,and it rains almost everyday,the weather is so cool,so try to paint your nails bleu ^_^ ... for today i have a special nail art called Retro Squares,if you want to try it follow the steps and wish you good luck

  1. use a base coat for the blau can not stain your nails.
  2. start whit either black or white paint,making partial squares and some full squares.
  3. you can use a small brush or a toothpick or a liner as i did this nail art.
  4. you can make the squares rounder at corners to create a slightly diffrent retro look.
  5. then add a top coat to pretect your nail art.

and this is how it will look 


samedi 3 novembre 2012

Caviar Manicure

Hello girls

i m back whit a trend,after the cracle nails and the magnetic polish and ombre nail art,finally i have the chance to try this trend called caviar  manicure using some micro colorful pearls .

if you want to do this manucure follow the steps
  1. work on one nail at time and apply two coat of your favorite base color that goes whit the caviar pearls.
  2. mix two,tree or what ever you want of caviar pearls shade then sprinkale it over your painted nail.
  3. once fully covered gently press and compact the caviar pearld into your nail bed.
  4. once finished leave your nails to completly dry and you have perfectly caviar manicured nails.
this is the result