jeudi 27 octobre 2011

Palm 3 /romantic day

girls how are you doing?

hope your spend a great week...
the water change this days...maybe i need to do more nail art for the cold winter days...

so this time you gonna see my Lonly Palm Tree,a very romantic nail art for this days..or for a date ..wear it whit the way that you like ..

let's start


it's a nail art for summer but the color i use it's really fally 
and i think it's perfect for this time too :D 

vendredi 21 octobre 2011

the Cherry Blossom nail art/


I just miss all the things related to nail art,from nail polish to my fill lol,i spended a very bezzy week whit homework and school,i hope you not i came back whit an other nail art,it's called the Cherry Blossom nail art,just for you know,it's a japanese symbol wich is sometimes called "Sakura" ofter the japanese.Cherry Blossom is richly symbolicand have been utilized often in japan art,manga anime,musical performance and nail art of course..

let's start
the real sakura

the nail art 

and if you want to use this as a nail art for this weekend,and you need some ideas to wear whit it..and feel  you  like in japane world check out this
leave your comment
and enjoy 

samedi 15 octobre 2011

weaving lines nail art design/black and white

girls,finally the last one in this series 

yep,the weaving lines nail art..this is the end of my black and white series,girls hope like all this series:Blaid,Abstract,Weaving lines..and try them cuz its really one of my fav series that i wad made :D 

Let's start

  • first apply your basecoat then paint your nails black and white alternating you may choose any colors you like,but black and white work best
  • using a white striper paint a diagonal line from the bottom left corner of your nail to half way up your nails on the right side 
  • after paint two parallel lines underneath the first line
  • next paint another diagonal line starting near the right side of the first and going to the upper left hand corner,fill in the lines like before
  • last paint 3 to 4 lines going straight up down starting where the other lines ended,try not to overlap any lines
  • then fill in all your nails :D


vendredi 14 octobre 2011

Abstract /black and white nail art

hello les filles..
i miss my blog lol

i told you i('m gonna do a series about black and white nail art,i had put the plaid nail art (take a look) and now for the second i'm gonna post the Abstract..enjoy..hé and for the last one i'm gonna putt  it TOMORROW NIGHT :D 

  • After base coat and using white nail polish,paint half of your nails black.

  • Make black stripes on the white part and after add 3 dots.

  • Do the same for the black part,but now using white striper.

  • finish whit top coat.

    try it,and enjoy your time 

    leave your comment ;) OXOXX

    lundi 10 octobre 2011

    plaid nail art/black and white

    girls,hope you all doing great

    • i love black and white nail art 

    So for this week i'm gonna post,some black and white nail art,hope you like the ideas,to share whit you girls
    and if you dont like the black and white art,you can enjoy whit the others nail art,to i complete my black and white series nail art ,and back of course to the cool,happy,colorful nail art,as you always see :D

    I USE:
    Oriflame:light silver.
    Nancy: white and black .
    Nail art polish.
    Jordana:base and top coat.

    Simple and eazy
    i wear this nail art for my two days and it still in my nail now
    the liners must not b perfect just take your time do this
    and the result would be cool 

    leave your comment
    and tell me what are you thinking girls ?

    dimanche 9 octobre 2011

    cupcake nail art/ two looks

    girls..hope you spend a beauriful day 

    my new nail art its the cupcake,i eat choclate cupcake;but i dont like cook them,cuz i dont know how;but in my nails yes i can lol,so just make your nails sweet and eatful :D..and you dont fell haugry whit your cupcake nail art ..

    • my first one,is a pink cupcake,look just like cupcake lol 

    so laque : hot pink .
    leiyo: yellow.
    nancy: beige as a base .
    and of course your base and top coat, and nail art polishs .

    • the top of a choclate white cupcake: 

    nancy: puple pink as a base
    nancy:whit polish
    for dot : two small nail polishs(grenn and yellow)

     enjoy and live your comments

    mercredi 5 octobre 2011

    Avon swatch/viva pink and rose quartez

    girls how are you doing ?

    as you see yeah,i have a swatch for you today,if you know i buy some new polish from Avon and its my first time try this brand,i made an order from a friend who has the catalogue of this brand,and i decided to buy two just for try ,then if i like them i wanna make other orders,and if you wanna know the trutا i'm in loooove whit this nail polishs let's get started !

    fisrt swatch

    Viva Pink
    glossy and long wearing chip resistant formula
    drying: quickly
    opacity:i make just 1 coat and as you see its super super great 
    the color : as you see in the bottle
    price: 35 dh from the catalogue of the septembre (promotion)
    59 dh for the octobre 

    Rose Quartz
    shimmery and lighty pink,and so sheer need 2 coat or 3 to show up more 
    opacity: two coat in this pic
    the color : super light pink shimmery,perfect for frensh manucure

    generally , ilove this brand and i need to buy more specially the matt color...

    leave your comments


    dimanche 2 octobre 2011

    burberry/fall colors nails

    hello girls

    i hope you all have a great weekend,for this weekend i have an idea,i think its perfect for fall time
    the Burberry nail art,if you all know the burberry its a clothes brand,so i try to created in my nails and this is the results (the nail polish colors its perfect too for fall) : 

    the Burberry nail art 
    how you can make this nail art ?
    1. apply your base coat
    2. choose a very delicate shimmery brown or nude color and paint the entire nails
    3. create a white tips as you se in the pic whit a thin nail art brush or nail art polish
    4. now on the side of tyhe nails creat two black lines all along the nails
    5. whit a red nail art polish make one line all across your nails
    6. an other one on the lower part cutting the red and the black ones.
    7. add your top coat and you are ready :D

     enjoy ,
    leave your comment ;)