dimanche 9 octobre 2011

cupcake nail art/ two looks

girls..hope you spend a beauriful day 

my new nail art its the cupcake,i eat choclate cupcake;but i dont like cook them,cuz i dont know how;but in my nails yes i can lol,so just make your nails sweet and eatful :D..and you dont fell haugry whit your cupcake nail art ..

  • my first one,is a pink cupcake,look just like cupcake lol 

so laque : hot pink .
leiyo: yellow.
nancy: beige as a base .
and of course your base and top coat, and nail art polishs .

  • the top of a choclate white cupcake: 

nancy: puple pink as a base
nancy:whit polish
for dot : two small nail polishs(grenn and yellow)

 enjoy and live your comments

7 commentaires:

  1. Awesome! I like the first cupcake design. The lines were perfect! Looks just like a real cupcake :)

    Can you give me tips in drawing fine lines?

  2. i use the nail art polishs "needme" and "HR"..whit thin brush and thx youu ..

  3. wow wow wow your designs are really beautiful