lundi 30 avril 2012

How to: Tattoo your nails

hello nail art lovers !

first,i'm sorry for the lack of the posts,but this week i'm back,and i have for you a really cute things"nail art"coming soon.
so let's get started :
you want a tatto ?,i want one so much,but this time i try it on my nails using chewing-gum stickers tatto lol :D,normally this tatto used on skin but from now you will use them on your nails.

so you want to try it follow those etaps,it's very easy 
 first use a base coat to protect your nails
paint your nails white
choose your stickers tattoo,try to cut it to a small pieces,in the correct form to much your nails 
then use a top coat to protect the tattoo

the result:

jeudi 26 avril 2012

Cartoon nails :SpongeBob inspired nail art

hello girls!

i miss you,after the vacation i have a very busy week( exam and exam...),so i decided to make something funny,that i like.

yes,it's sponge bob,i'm addicted to his series cartoon, i always watch the series on Mbc 3,when i went to bed,
i'm so excited to show you the result !

hope you like them
tell me what's your fav cartoons !??

mardi 17 avril 2012

spring nails art : Watercolor Roses

hello !

hope you doing great...
one of my spring nail art that i made for today,
to make it keep reading,to get the way.  

the Result:

how to Diy it : 

  • begin whit either a white or light beige base
  • using a tiny piece of a sponge ,dab a lime green in random onto the nail.
  • do the same thing whit a pink .
  • using a nail brush or a liner start from the center and create a messy swirl shape,to get the roses

samedi 14 avril 2012

fashion nails: Louboutin inspired nail art


let me introduce this for you,if you know LOUBOUTIN is a french shoes and bags designer of luxury.Christian Louboutin has based speciticity on the red leather sole"red china" to become the hallmark of his brand.
the origin of his color has an insole black had painted after whit a red nail polish of his 1993.
so this is  really a good story inspired me to made this nail art
i painted my nails black,axcept the ring finger i painted whit red.and i stick some give a classy and glamory nail art.
for the special thing about this nail art,its to paint your nails from the inside red ( but first paint them white for the red can show up more),to get your own Louboutin nails.

mardi 10 avril 2012

spring nails art : the Peacock feathers inspired design


i'm always in the mood of doing spring nail art,so i try to change it from flowers,to some thing close to the issue of spring this time i choose something unique from the natural it's th peacock feathers,famous by the bright colors.

this is the finished product:

draw a line diagonally across the nail at the end draw a teardrop shape 
and curved lines coming down toward the teardrop.
try to choose colors like :purple,goldy,orange..

enjoy :)

dimanche 8 avril 2012

Galaxy nails art !

hello nail art lovers !

Missing you alot,alot....hope you spend a good weekend,the weather is perfect for shoping and going out whit friend...and wear a cool nail art.

the Glaxy nail art,it's a technique of nail art that i saw it a long time ago,
And finally i try it and the result was like this:

 Use a good sponge and try to use colors that give a combination of galaxy:
like:  -white,yellow,pink and bleu
-white ,bleu,purple,and white sparkly polish
-white,orange,yellow,and bleu
i use a  top coat for more shine
hope you like them,tell me in your comments !