samedi 14 avril 2012

fashion nails: Louboutin inspired nail art


let me introduce this for you,if you know LOUBOUTIN is a french shoes and bags designer of luxury.Christian Louboutin has based speciticity on the red leather sole"red china" to become the hallmark of his brand.
the origin of his color has an insole black had painted after whit a red nail polish of his 1993.
so this is  really a good story inspired me to made this nail art
i painted my nails black,axcept the ring finger i painted whit red.and i stick some give a classy and glamory nail art.
for the special thing about this nail art,its to paint your nails from the inside red ( but first paint them white for the red can show up more),to get your own Louboutin nails.

13 commentaires:

  1. Oulaaaa, très très originaaaale l'idée, on adoooore ! T'as de très jolis onngles <3

    Afaf & Marwa

  2. très jolie ..bravooo xdxd


  3. MErci sweety pr ton commentaire : alors

    -cleanance environ : 120 dh
    -la creme hydratante :environ 130 dh
    -l'ecran total :environ 140dh

    sadepend des para mais je pense tu peux les trouver sur city mall je pense moins chere .


    (j'ai répondu sur les deux blog comme ça tu rateras pa la réponse )

  4. Love the idea ;)

  5. Wow amazing! Do you do that yourself?

  6. TROP COOL que tu puisses le faire ! Mes ongles sont tellement fragile qu'ils ne sont jamais assez longs pour la louboutin manucure :(
    Too bad !


  7. ADORABLE! I love em love em love em!

  8. Woaw! This nailart is AMAZING, seriously!

    Malika & Hanae