jeudi 23 février 2012

fashion nails: Argyle nail art

Hello Fashionista !

 you love fashion for sure,and always have the good looking,you must do this nail art,it's the Argyle 

what's the Argyle?
the argyle pattern is made of diamonds,the word is sometimes used to refer to an individual diamonds in the design,most argyle layouts contain layers of overlapping motif,adding a sence of three dimensionality movement,
and there is an overlay of intercrossing diagnol lines,Agyle knitwear became fashionable in England and then the USA.

                                                    how to diy it in your nails?

  1. first paint your nails whit a white base of any color that you choose.
  2. use orange paint to make an X from the corner to corner fill the opposite side whit orange paint leaving the other two triangles white.
  3. make a criss-crossing argyle pattern whit black paint.
the finished results !

an other version to make the Argyle nails :

hope you like them both !

samedi 18 février 2012

Tribal Aztec nail art

Hello girls !

you know Tribal Aztec,it's a design inspired by an old religious tattous,so i get the inspiration from some vivo and also i want to change it to a moroccan nails art vesion,

the tribal Aztec it's very trendy in clothes too,so you gonna just play whit dots, lines and forms
to get your Tribal Aztec nails!

( some nail polish in my hand lol)

How to DIY:

  1. first paint you nails purple or any sparkly color did you have 
  2. make a pink tips on the top of your nails,then a white strip,and black one as you see on the picture 2( Make diffrents lines:wide,thin)
  3. it's your time now to paly whit lines and dots o get your best tribal nails art .
talk to you on next post 
drop your comments :)

mercredi 8 février 2012

Valentines Nail Art: Retro love hearts

 Hello nail art lovers!

it's a beauriful morning today,the sun rise and the weather change little bitt
it was to cold the way stop talking about weather 
to present for you an other valentines nail art,this one it's the easier,you need just some mins and you will make it..

enjoy : 

 and i made this babies hearts by this : 

(i start use toothpick so much for my nail art it's works good)

dimanche 5 février 2012

Monday Manucure!

Hello girls!

how did you spend the time of 3aid hope you all doing great 

if you want to start a vintage,classy week,whit spring colors you must did this nail art on your nails
it's perfect for you to complete a vintage look
just some stripes and vintage roses

how to Diy :
  1. start whit a base coat,then paint your nails minty color or white
  2. make stripes with light bleu
  3. once dry make three pink dots any where on your nails,these will be the roses
  4. whit red paint draw a spiral coming from the middle of the dot and outlining a portion of it 
  5. using geen paint the leaves,and use a darck green to add some shadow
  6. finished by adding your top coat :D
It's seems hard to do but it's really easy just take your time and enjoy doing this 
 the story : 
a little story for you,the minty color that i use as a bAse for this nail art,i made it by myself,i use a white nail polish and i poured out some drops of green nail polish,then i mixed well,to get this minty color:)

jeudi 2 février 2012

Valentines Nail Art: strips and hearts

Hello Girls !

its the month of the valentines day.i suggest for you some of the valentine nail art,and for the first one of this series it's a simple one,just some strips and hearts and you will finished
i will show you how to create this 
enjoy <3

How to Diy : 
  1.   paint your nails pink or any lovely light color
  2. make the bleu strip on the two sides of the nails
  3. make a litte bit wide hot pink strip next to the bleu ones
  4. finished by painting the hearts as you see in the pictures

dont forget the top coat for this nail art to can last for more days