mardi 21 août 2012

Nail Art inspired by celebrities : jessie j

Hello girls!

i miss you,i miss doing nail art...
but im back whit an other series of nail art,it's a nail art inspiration from celebrity whish i love,
if i tell you "price tag","domino","nobody is perfect" you will tell me the one and only jessie j,she is one of my favorite singer whit her cool style of fashion,makeup and also nail art,so get ready for a cool nail art inspired by her ,from a picture that she put it in twitter enjoy

this is where i get my inspiration from :

and this is the result :

the one things that if they tell me to change something about this nail art,it will be the base color,because i use a nude one from jordana,and i don't like how it goes,so i will change it to an orange shade.

hope you like it,
and tell me what's your favorite celebrity that you want to see an nail art inspired  from ???

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