jeudi 9 août 2012

let's start a cure:part3

Hello nail art lovers!

hope you all fine...
this is my last part of this ramadan treatment for nails,i really miss doing nail art,in the next postes we will back to a very cool nail art comming back to our topic of today..
now my nails are white and much more hard and heathy then before...all that thx to the Hérome products.
for the 3 problem that i used to suffer from,now it's the time to get rid from the low of the growth due too the less of the nutrition and hydration of nails.

to get a good nails that grow fast you need just to nourish them whit oil,i use two kind of oil,because i have now a habbit of hydrat my nails  whit oil,and that's  gives me agreat result,and reselve my problem.

  • first one is olive oil it's help my nails alot,always when i went to bad i message them whit oil olive that's help to moistrize your cuticles..or i soak my nails in pure olive once a week,and let them 3  to 5 minutes.

  • second on is nourishing nail oil from Hérome,this one it's a very  good oil whit a beauriful smell,of lemon,and whit a very special brush,simillar of a gloss brush,make the application of the oil more easier .

for more information about the prices and where you can get hérome products click here :
hope you like the post,talk to you soon 


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