mardi 31 juillet 2012

let's start a nail cure :part2

Hello girls !

hope you all fine!

to complete the cure and after resolving the "yellow nails problem",
now we move to the second problem "fragile nails that break quikly",a lot of nail artiste talk about a miracle to resolve this problem ,it's the famous :Nail Hardener Extra Strong from Hérome.
it gives the best result ever.
this nail hardener extra fort ,it used in a cure for 15 days.

it gives the gloss clear lacquer for the nails for the first coat,and it becomes more white at the second coat.
a bottle of 10 ml,you applies as a simple nail polish.and it dries quikly.

first day paint your nail whit one coat,
second day add second coat,
the third day romove the two coat and complete the same work for a 15 days,

i'm very satisfied whit the result of this treatment,i recommend to the girls that suffering from nails problem,to get a hard nails .

talk to you in the next post :)

4 commentaires:

  1. yes but this is not a bas coat,it's a nail treatment help nail to be hart,and it use in a 15 days without painting our nails whit nail polish..

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