dimanche 22 juillet 2012

Let's Start a Nail Cure:part 1

Hello Girl!
hope you all spending,a great day of ramadan,
and because we don't paint our nails whit nail polish in this sacred month
 i diceded to let my nails  take a rest ,and start my cure for them

so i show you the steps that i make in my cure....in three parts
for this i will take the first 15 day to complete the cure.

the cure is to reselve the problem that i'm suffering from :
  • yellow nails
  •  fragile nails that break quickly
  • slow growth
part 1 
to get rid from "yellow nails"

remove old nail polish.
it was a dream to try the Hérome product and Hérome Maroc make it come true.
i use Hérome nail polish remover because its without acetone ,and that's help to not damage the nails .
plus it has the best smell ever .
after romoving the nail polish,we look at the disaster
it's a mixture of yellow from nail polish,and hennah that i use for body.:(
so i use a polissoire to puff the nails from top 
it's really help to decrease the unit of the yellowness,to get this 
 and to say Bye to yellow nails,i will use a method that i read it from a beauty blog
so take a :
  • lemon juse 
  • the powder yeast from alsa
  • brush teeth

put the powder yeast into the juice of lemon
to get this :

put your nails in this mixture and start brush your nails whit the brush teeth
and the surprising result,so now we reselve the problem of yellow nails 
i'm very happy whit the result
talk to you in the next post to reselve the second problem  :)

N.B :i will thx Hérome Maroc for sending me the Hérome products ,to try them im really happy whit them.

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