samedi 10 septembre 2011

nail art for school day

hello girls 

i have school next week,so i decided to make my nail art for school time ,i'm so excited to  back to school and also to wear this nail art in my fisrt day ,yeah .

so it's a cool,crazy,weird nail art ,but it's cute at the same time ,usally i wear frensh manucure or i paint all my nails whit a light color ,but this year i will change the look ,by wearing nail art ,for i can make more and more posting,cuz whit the work at school,i will have no time ,so i will post almost 1 or 2 time in the week :)

so let's start for my crazy nail art (i just like always having fun by do this ):
this one inspired by the pages of our books 
i  made this liners whit my thin brush in bleu 

then i add this A+(it's like 20/20) to make the nail art more related in school 
i made it also by a thin brush of my nail art polish

at the end i diceded to erase my pages lol to make this 
and i made some blackboard lol whit some numbers 

so this is it 
a tour of my fanny ,cool nail art for school 

what are you thinking ??
and for all students hope you have a great year
 ♥good luck 

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