vendredi 18 novembre 2011

We were born to fly/short nails

hello girls!

i have short nails now,OMG i just miss my long nails noting best then long nails
i can do any nail art i want,but now all the choose are limited so i search for the best ideas
that can  look good in my little short nails
Before you can see the nail art ,i want to talk whit you about my miracle nail polish of my week is:

i wear it in this nail art as a base(sky) for the birds
i add a pic for it in the end 

let's start 
YES it's true we were born to fly 
i fly whit my inspiration to get the best 

my birds can fly .....far away
how much days and week and month i need to my long nails back ?

and for a fun touch and let the nail art look not boring 
i  proposed this :

it's not the magic touch 
but,i think it change the nail art liitle bit,

i just love it
as always simple and eazy just try it 

And as i tell you in the begin of my article i wanna show you my "miracle"nail polish of the week :
from : (to help me to get the name for this )
So i'm ready to fly and you ??

6 commentaires:

  1. We really love your Nail Arts , And this one is just amazing !
    And then, it's nothing for you, we're always available to help :)

    AFaf & Marwa

  2. thx you so much for this,and for liking my nails art

  3. I love this nail art, you're great at it...

    xoxo aley

  4. résultat topissime.
    Vraiment très beau ce que tu fais.