samedi 3 décembre 2011

The Nail Polish tag

hello girls

first time in my blog doing a tag,i talk about nail polish tag,that my friend Myline from : to me,hope you enjoy reading,and if you have any tag for any topic you can tagged to mee,this is so fun,i enjoy answer questions :D

Let's start
Here are the Rules
-answer 10 questions
-pass this to 5 other bloggers
-make sure the bloggers that you tagged know that you tagged them ,bysending a commnet in thier blog

Now these are the questions
1-How many nail polish do you have ?
43 nail polish (i just started collect them )

2-what is your favorite brand of nail polish ?

3-do you like crackle nail polish,or do you hate it ?
i dont have crackle polish,so i dont know nothing about it

4-what's your first nail polish brand?
5-if you're going to have a line what are you gonna name it ?
Cutenails (like my blog lol)

6-what nail polish color does not compliment you ?
red,make my skin darck

7-what color does compliment you ?
bleu,i love bleu nail polishs,all the gredient

8-name two best nail art friends?
Zehoua Wouahibi,Meryem Bensouda Alaoui..
i have more,and i love them all

9-what was the best nail polish gift you have received?
for now,i ever have the best nail polish gift

10-make a speech about thanking the blloger who give you this tag ?
i want to tell to Myline,thx cuz she tagged to me,she is really a sweet person,
and i hope you spend a beauriful weekend,whit your child,and i promise you more nail art comming soon

the people that i tegged are:
Zehoua wouahibi
Meryem bensouda alaoui
Afaf et marwa

and the last thing i wanna tell you
enjoy whit your life and keep smiling 

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