jeudi 14 juin 2012

Fun & Easy Splatter nail art

HELLO lovely girls

did you miss me,for me i miss you alot
i was in the time of the exam so i didn't make new post,but i passed my exam very well,so excited to start whit new fun nail art, and swatch and make more posts,
i haven't paint my nails for 17 days and this is my first time that i did something like that
but now i'm back whit a nail art that can compensate the long seperation between me and the nail polish colors...

so let's bring all the summery nail polish and  have fun !

step1: pick your base color and paint your nails ,for me i choose chiffon from jordana

step2:take your favorite colors for splatter.
step3:take you straw,i use one of a pin and dip it in the polish, the polish should form a film on the tip of the straw,to look like this:
step4:blow through the straw ,you can practiced on a piece of paper,if your not sure about the result
step5:clean up the edges where the polish spattered ,and finished by your top coat.

it's really fun,it look very messy,but the beauty of this nail art is in the  mess. 

6 commentaires:

  1. so easy merciii pour cette idée ! superbe

  2. C'est mignon je trouve! Ca va bien avec la base que tu as utilisé! Ca change du blanc qui fait trop voyant!

  3. C'est tellement jolie toutes ces couleurs ..hyper tendance en plus..grosses bises a toi !

    1. yeah specially this sea bleu,i love them too