dimanche 22 janvier 2012

Monday Manucure!


first day in this week,new manucure to start it's chic and classy

If you want to get this vintage,classy nail art,keep reading ,to know how to do this beauriful half moon manucure,it's very eazy but unique,

  • What you'll need:
_two diffrent color of nail polish (try to pick a light and darck color)
_standard paper hole reinforcement stickers (or a tip stickers that can give you the moon form)

  • the Story 
this nail art "moon manucure" has a history,it has changed over the years when at the end of 1930s women just left the bottom of the nail bar,it has alos been used in fashion show and seen in magazine hit many mixtures of colors.

Dita also wear moonucure in white and red that looked Amasing
and if it's enough for Dita Von Teese,it's enough and perfect for me :)

  • How to Diy:

  1. first paint your entire nail with the base color that you want your cuticle color to be.
  2. after you are sure that the first layer is dry,apply the reinforcement labels to your nails right at the top of your nails.
  3. paint your entire nails whit the darker colored nail polish.
  4. now carefully remove the labels.

enjoy whit your time doing this !
Hope for you a good week !

9 commentaires:

  1. c'est très jolie, je vais essayer maintenant.
    T'as de trés beau doigts !

  2. aww cool i'm so happy for that,and let me see the try on the facebook :D

  3. eh ben dis donc! c'est super simple! je vais vite essayer.
    en plus j'ai pleins d'oeillets à la maison (vestiges du collège)

  4. J'adore, tu m'inspire je connaissais pas cette methode :)

    I hope ur doing great


  5. Great result !
    C’est facile et joli à voir au même temps !

    Afaf & Marwa
    Kiss Kiss

  6. Trés original comme idée !

    J'adore !

  7. J'avoue que c'est super cool comme idée !
    Et puis tes ongles si parfaaaaits <3

  8. wooow like it, good job miss :)

    please Miss check my new blog

    thanks alot


  9. réussi dis donc :D
    moi quand j'avais essayé le résultat n'était pas aussi parfait :p