lundi 7 mai 2012

Fire nails art (لمشاهب)

 Hello girls!

it's hot over here,it's hot on my nails,
yuh cuz i wear right now a nail art fire.
and i inspired the name "لمشاهب" from an old morrocan musicians group,they had  the fire as a symbole for their special song.

i know my last nail art wasn't good,alot of you don't like the border nails
so i present for you this new nail art and i hope that you like it
as i do..

so let's see the result

this is my first version of fire nails that i made. 

9 commentaires:

  1. j'adooooore ! et le Groupe dont tu parle je le connait tres tres bien ! et j'en suis fan c'est un truc que j'ai hériter de ma mére :p xD

  2. Good job , j'aime bcp ^^
    je te suit :)

  3. love this one, good job ;)

  4. so cute and creative (setting fire on nails, great idea dear Bassoma ! )
    xoxo de Nawal